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3v3 Tournaments

EVO 3v3 Summer Jamboree Schedule 2018

Register Here

Register here if you are registering a team of up to 6 players.

Team Fee: $160 (only a $60 deposit to register)

Register here if your an individual to be placed on a team.

Individual Fee: $35 per player

Tournament T-Shirt

Tournament Structure

  • Each age group 3v3 tournament will last for 2 hours. 
  • Every team will be guaranteed 4 games
  • Most teams will play 5 games if they make the playoffs/finals. 
  • Games will be 15 minutes long - no halftime
  • Teams may roster up to 6 players maximum per team
  • Individual registration is available and you will be placed on a house team with other individual registrants.
  • Team uniforms are encouraged, however training bibs will be provided for games if needed. 
  • Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. 
  • The top two teams after the group stage of games will play in the final, the others in play-off games.
  • The winning team will receive 3v3 Summer Jamboree Championship t-shirts. 

What is 3v3 Soccer?

3v3 Soccer is claimed to be the fastest growing form of soccer in the World. Its greatest popularity is in the United States, where hundreds, and perhaps thousands of Tournaments take place each year, however it is also played in many other countries.

It is a much faster paced, and higher scoring game than traditional full sided soccer. The speed of the attack, the use of triangulation, and the strategies bring aspects of Hockey into the game. The quick shift from one end of the field to the other after a goal is scored, or upon loss of possession is reminiscent of Basketball. It requires the blending of individual skills with teamwork.

It's gain in popularity is largely due to every member of the team gets equal playing time, and equal touches on the ball. All players on the field are a part of the play. Because of the speed of the game, and the fact that players are constantly in motion, there are frequent substitutions. A typical player may be rotated on six times or more in one game. There are no permanently assigned positions as there are in full-sided soccer, giving each team member equal status and equal importance. This helps to develop individual skills.