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By Robert Lamb, 03/25/15, 11:30PM EDT


Your BRAND is more than a logo!

It's how parents, players and coaches view your organization. EVO Soccer's e3 approach helps organizations make decisions that help you 'LIVE' your values and build your brand.

What is a Brand?

A brand is the behavior that differentiates the organization from others that compete in the same space.

These behaviors will align with the values of the customer and have a positive impact on their experience.

Traditionally soccer organizations have relied upon the “Borrowed Interest” from brands that they have associated with.

They have been unable to create behaviors that would differentiate them form other organizations and bring value to the “Family” soccer experience.

Want to live your values and measure success in a more meaningful way in 2015?

Contact us today to learn how EVO's programs and services can support your vision of success and help you live your brand!

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