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Does Your Soccer Club Need Volunteer's?

By Rob Lamb, 11/14/16, 12:15PM EST


Communication is KEY!

Volunteers are the number one problem for many organizations, but it doesn’t have to be that way; organizations across the country are securing the volunteers they need by communicating effectively and adopting a few simple guidelines.

As with most things in life, communication has played a huge role in the success of the soccer organization's volunteer initiative. Without clear and consistent communication the effort to secure volunteers will continue to disappoint. Here are some things organizations are doing to manage their volunteer effort;

They communicate the vision of the organization clearly and offer regular updates on the progress being made? They outline how volunteers are playing an important role in achieving this vision and they have a clear description of what help they need.

If volunteers do not understand the vision of the organization, or do not have a clearly written outline of what their task is, it is easy for them to become unsure of exactly what is expected, leaving them to feel lost and overwhelmed.

Organizations that have created an open line of communication with their volunteers have volunteers who feel supported; this has created a positive environment and a more enjoyable volunteer experience. Many have started volunteers off with small tasks and kept the workloads manageable; this has gone a long way in keeping volunteers engaged. They offer their volunteers the opportunity to switch roles if they feel unable to achieve success in their current role.

Quick response to their input and inquiries has proven critical, not only has this kept initiatives moving forward, but it has also ensured the volunteers felt important. By acknowledging the success of the volunteers, demonstrating an appreciation for their effort and acknowledging even the small victories organizations have created the positive environment in which volunteers have thrived.

We should always take the time to remember that volunteers are just that; volunteers! By supporting and acknowledging the role volunteers play in success, organizations across the country have secured and retained the volunteers they need and are thriving because of it.