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Supporting Success in Youth Soccer

How do you address the long term, big picture, growth and success of your soccer organization? Have you taken the time to really think about what success would look like to your organization?

The numbers for participation in youth soccer make for interesting reading…whilst soccer has seen tremendous growth and success over the last 20 years, rather worryingly, participation in the sport now peaks at the age of 6, meaning that for many players, their time in the game is short and clearly not a good enough experience for them to stay engaged for an extended period of time.

It’s an issue for Soccer organizations the length and breadth of the country and that’s why we believe that a change to the status-quo is needed. An e3 approach to decision making can help you define what success looks like for your organization and elevate the experience you provide for your membership.

In order to truly address an organizations vision for success, we have to understand the areas that will most impact the Organization’s ability to achieve measurable success. Statistically it usually falls into two or three of the following areas:

Growth Attracting new players and volunteers.

Retention Keeping players and coaches within your organization.

Volunteers Assisting them with the knowledge and support to do their job to the best of their ability and engaging them in the Clubs vision.

Coaches Attracting coaches and supporting them by providing mentoring, education, training and engagement in delivering a better soccer experience.

Parents Engaging parents by creating a memorable family soccer experience and including them in creating a more positive learning environment.

Financial Clear opportunities to raise revenues through the introduction of a partnership with Evolution Soccer and our training programs.

Evolution Soccer has progressive training programs developed to not only aid the technical and tactical development of the players and coaches within your organization, but will also support your organization in creating clear pathway to achieve measurable success.